Without correct quality system in Diagnostic Lab, Your diagnosis can be a crapshoot.

Are you looking for an Advance diagnostic center in Indore? As we all are aware there are many pathologies and diagnostic centers rambled across every nook and corner of Indore city, choosing a right and quality diagnostic center can be difficult.

To facilitate and redressed such problems *Microcare Diagnostic Lab has come up with The First advance microbiology setting in city’s most approachable area of Sapna Sangeeta offering a full range of microbiology investigations.

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What makes Microcare Diagnostic Lab different

1. Location of the lab in the city’s most approachable area.

2. First advance microbiology setting in Sapna Sangeeta area with full range of microbiology investigations.

3. Fully automated systems able to process bulk samples with accuracy and in short time.

4. Same day reporting benefits patients coming from outside the city.

5. Quality assurance with ISO 9001:2015 certified lab.

6. Affordable price and discount and health packages for patients.

7. Home sample collection and report delivery facility available.

8. State of the art infrastructure for full patient compliance.

Microcare Diagnostic Lab does its operations on the latest technology

Microcare Diagnostic Lab Indore

The state- of- the- art infrastructure at the center provides access to the most advanced equipment and advanced technology to ensure the best diagnostic services to the Patient. The fully computerized mechanism helps in the timely delivery of the reports. The latest technologies help to manage the precise data of high quality. Use of Advanced technology and updated instruments give an edge to Microcare Diagnostics in Indore. With advanced technology follows accuracy. Pathological reports at Microcare Diagnostics are carefully revised to avoid any technical or printing error. The results are 100% accurate and never lack consistency and precision.

Along with accuracy, Microcare Diagnostics also takes care of the punctuality factor

The reports are always delivered on time. In order to make health checks and blood tests more accessible and convenient, Microcare Diagnostics also offer Home Collection service. The service allows you to get tested in the comfort of your home. Expert phlebotomists arrive right at your doorstep to collect the blood sample. Whether you opt for a Home Collection Service or choose to visit the center, quality is always a priority. Experts at Microcare Diagnostics leave no scope for error.

To know more about the tests and health- checks in Indore, Call 0731 496 0044. Book a test today!

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