Indore’s Super Corridor extension to make Indore super faster!

Indore is growing at a very faster pace and a very new development in infrastructure is about to Commence. Indore has got a nod for Super corridor extension between Indore and Pithampur, This route extension will reduce the clutter on road.

This new development is about to flow in phases. The first session will commence after elections. As per the plan, 2 km route is designed for extension of the super corridor. This will, in turn, decrease the congestion on Bijasan Mata Mandir, which is nowadays a heavy traffic point in the city.  A total of ten carriageways will be constructed as a part of the super corridor extension and the first phase has a December deadline.


Super Corridor Indore


This was a much-needed step as recently it was observed that the congestion leads to many problems like people and students getting late. The new RW2 will sort the issue and also make life easier for the daily commuters. With all this, it will also help in the betterment and seamless flow of traffic.

The estimated cost of the project is around 30 crore and it will be taken further looping in the private contractors too. Well, this is a planned project which can bring in ease for commuters, as they can bypass the roads from Pithampura and make use of the super corridor. Indore get ready to be faster!


Super Corridor Indore 2


Story Teller: Shraddha Awasthi

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