Indore Trenching Ground: Masterstroke for Survekshan 2020

Examination for Swachh Survekshan 2019 in on row but Indore, the cleanest city of India (Twice in 2017 & 2018) has already started its preparation for Survekshan 2020. Indore has transformed its garbage landfill site (Trenching Ground) into a garden and further planning to develop a City Forest with a composite plan of waste management through which, the trash is used to generate both Fuels as well as Manure.


Indore Trenching Ground 2019


How Indore made it possible?


The initiative by the Indore Municipal Corporation and Indore Municipal CommissionerAsheesh Singh starts with segregating waste into wet and dry garbage at the source (household) itself, further collecting garbage to 10 nodal points within the city before it is sent to the Trenching Ground located in Devguradia. Further segregation of dry waste takes place at this ground itself.



In Dec 2018, Indore Municipal Corporation managed to clear over 13 lakh tonnes of garbage in just 6 months in Indore. Indore aims to become a ‘zero landfill’ and ‘garbage free’ city with eco-friendly disposal of garbage with the use of modern technology that includes a plant for conversion of plastic waste into burning fuel. Both recyclable and non-recyclable plastic is used in this plant for making the fuel that is used in generators.


Masterstroke for Survekshan 2020!

According to the Municipal Commissioner, Indore through their Waste Mangement Policies and Technical Robotic Machinery have been able to reclaim 100-acre land in which 10-acre of land will be used for a garden and 90 acres land for the City Forest. Initially, the idea was of making a golf course but gradually plan changed and now people will soon be able to see a City Forest made out of City Waste.



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  1. S k nair February 10, 2019 Subscriber

    Great achievement and an example to follow by other villages cities n states in India. The efforts are still continuing with the wholehearted support of Indore and.

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