Indore, soon you will get an Extra Discount on petrol & food if you Pay Cashless

Promoting the Digital India campaign, Indore Administration has a put a step towards for its progression by recommending the city petrol pumps and restaurants to give a further addon discount to the customers in case they opt to pay via digital means using credit/debit cards or e-wallets.

IOCL to increase the discount on purchases respectively made Cashlessly

Consent has been given from IOCL to increase discount whereas talks HP is still in conversation with the Indore Administration. IOCL currently gives 0.70 percent and 0.75 percent discount on petrol and diesel purchases respectively made using credit/debit cards, e-wallets or mobile wallets. This discount would now be increased by 0.80 percent on petrol and 0.85 percent on diesel purchases.

Discount in digital payment

According to the Indore Municipal Commissioner, The people of Indore in total would get 1.50 percent discount on petrol purchases and 1.60 percent discount on diesel purchases. In further to promote the Digital Payments even the hotels in the city have also agreed to give 2 to 3 percent of discount on cashless payments.

Discount in digital payment

IMC has recommended to all types of city hotels to give a discount to customers making digital payments. Gurukripa, Madhuram and other restaurants said they would start giving the discount to customers from the date fixed by IMC. The municipal commissioner has directed his subordinates to convene a meeting with restaurants for finalizing the date and discussing other modalities.

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