If no one wants to VOTE, do not give it, this is also an option: NOTA

NOTA means none of the above: That is, if you do not have to vote for any political party then you also have the option of nota. The Election Commission of India asked the Supreme Court in 2009 that it did not want voters to give “any of the appropriate“options to the voters, which the government generally opposed.

On September 27, 2013, the Supreme Court had ruled that there will be a button on the EVM machine from now on, which we will say, NOTA. The Election Commission also made it clear that although votes are counted as a NOTA. They are considered invalid votes, so they will not change the outcome of the election process. In the 2014 general election, Nota got 1.1% of the votes, more than 6,000,000 were counted.



Now press the button of the NOTA or enjoy the holiday sitting at home on election day, it does not matter, there is no value for the votes of the NOTA,

But Not Voting Is Not The Option.

If there are two parties, the A, B, and an option NOTA, there are 100 voters, 50 of which have voted for nota and 30 voted for Party A and 20 for party B, then NOTA is not the winner but party A is the winner with 10 more votes than party B. Now, there is no difference between sitting at home and standing in the queue and voting for NOTA, but if the government had raised questions about NOTA, then surely there would be an impact on the election . When NOTA gets more votes than Party A and Party B, people can demand that because they do not like the candidates of both parties, candidates should get changed and re-election are to be held.


It’s just the second election after NOTA was introduced, very fewer people know about NOTA. So, this option did not affect previously but it may affect this assembly election or future elections. If the votes for NOTA are more than the other parties, people can claim for re-election in the supreme court and then according to the SC’s decision, Election Commission can bring a change in the rules. So, NOTA is a great option that can bring a change, now or later.


Just like voting is our right, pressing None of the above button (NOTA) is also our right, the government gets to know that the maximum public does not like the candidates.
Do not stay at home on the voting day, think, understand and vote for the candidate of your choice, and if you feel that none of them is your choice then press the button of the NOTA, because voting is also our responsibility.

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