Gudi Padwa: A day to mark festivity endowed with positive spirit.

Its Gudi Padwa, time to mark new beginnings with merriment and traditional fervor. It can be called as a day to look forward to a bountiful year and making it as sweet as Shrikhand and vibrant as the festival. The festival marks the first day of the Chaitra month and so, that of the Hindu calendar. It is solemnized with religious and cultural fervor emanating positive energy with the blessings of the divine nature. This year, Gudi Padwa is observed on 5th April 2019 along with Chaitra Navratri.


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Gudi Padwa is considered to be a very blessed one as it is believed that Lord Brahma created the universe on the same day. The evidence for the same is found in Atharveda and Shatpath Brahmin. Furthermore, new Samvatsara begins on the same day and so, called as ‘Nav-Samvatsara’. Samvatsara means the period of one full year.

Saturday sunrise will bring along festivities for many Maharashtrian families. As per the famous Marathi tradition, the Maharashtrian homes display traditional arrangements as Gudi, Rangoli in their homes which gives Gudi Padwa its name. Gudi is considered to be a harbinger of prosperity. It is made with Kalash, bamboo stick, saree, flowers and a twig of neem leaves and then, displayed outside the homes to mark the festive spirit. Gudi symbolizes the victory of Shalivahana King over the Sakas. On his return, people hoisted the Gudi for the first time in Paithan. Gudi is also known to symbolize Brahmadvaj or the flag of Brahma. The family members make sure to create the most attractive Gudi by using colorful and vibrant sarees over it.


Holy Prasad of Gudi Padwa

The Hindu festivities are incomplete without Holy Prasad or delicacies prepared at home. Having something as good as Shrikhand is considered to ensure one has a sweet year ahead. People do eat Neem and Jaggery on this day to symbolize that life is a series of good and bad experiences. Eating Neem and sweet jaggery will help one to develop the strength to face happiness and sorrow with the same energy.

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The day is celebrated with different names in the country as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Yugadi in Karnataka and Cheti Chand in the Sindhi community. One can say that this day truly binds more than half of the nation with the festive spirit endowed with a message of peace and happiness.

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