Google: Indore is among the top 10 Indian Cities that has the Highest Google Map Users.

Now this will be very surprising for the Indorians that our city is among the top 10 Indian cities having one of the Highest Numbers of Google Map Users in India. This was revealed by Google Maps for India programme manager Anal Ghosh while interacting with media persons. He said Google has provided the feature of locating toilets in more than 40 Indian cities through Google Maps.

According to the India programme manager for Google – “We introduced this feature in Indore two years back and now it has been used in more than 40 cities. With the support of union urban development ministry, we are contributing to Clean India Mission,” Ghosh said. Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. Talking about new features, Ghosh said people of Indore can get more specific information about landmarks and can even get their pictures through Google Maps.

Indorians are acting as a Local Guides for Google


google Map User In Indore

Indore has a large number of Students amongst the other cities in the State along with the Techno friendly people. According to Ghosh, many residents are working as local guides for Google Maps in Indore and providing photos, videos, reviews and other things to help recognize their vicinity. He, however, refused to reveal contact details of guides in Indore.

Did you know Indore addresses to start from ‘7JJQ’?


Google Maps has launched an open-source platform Plus Code to simplify the process of searching address and exact location through Google Maps. “Google’s Plus Code feature is a 6 character + City format that can be generated, shared and searched by anyone. The open source nature of the system means that applications that use location services can easily incorporate it on their platforms for free,” Ghosh said.

“People will soon start writing plus code with their postal address so that anyone can locate the exact place through Google Maps. The plus code of Indore is ‘7JJQ’, which can be written prefixing with the grid code generated by the app.

Google Map indore

Courtesy: Free Press Journal

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