AICTSL's Successful Trial! Now Indore will have 16 more e-Bus on different routes

Seeking to modern day technology it has been seen that now corporates and government are together working on such infrastructure development that even helps to reduce the pollution in the urban area. Talking about the increasing traffic rate on roads in terms of new vehicle added every second on the road, leads to generate more pollution. The only solution is to motivate people to use public transport as their mode of transportation. Moving one step ahead of every local transportation system within the country Indore has once again proved that they are No 1. After cleaning the city and its roads now Indore has geared up to make it a pollution free city.

The Atal Indore City Transport Service Limited (AICTSL) has now completed its trail project of running battery operated Electric Buses for the use of public transport and its a matter of joy that the trail has been successful and now AICTSL is planning to run more such buses on the road.


Electric Bus 02 AICTSL
Courtesy: Tata Motors


The successful trial

After the success of the 2-month trial from a single bus, AICTSL has ordered 16 more buses to add to the local transport system. The company which has been chosen to provide such electric buses is TATA Motors. The company has already committed itself to provide mobility solutions for various cities in the country. After a thorough study of the geographical conditions of the various cities, it is providing a fleet of all-electric buses to transport loads of people in the city in a pollution-free manner. Tata will provide 40 Ultra 9m AC Electric buses to the Atal Indore City Transport Service Limited (AICTSL) in a phased manner and will be delivered over the next 2 months.


Electric Bus 03 AICTSL
Courtesy: Tata Motors


Electric bus features

The architecture of the platform has been conceived and developed by the in-house engineering team of Tata Motors, meeting the requirement of various tenders floated by individual state transport undertakings. The newly designed exterior includes stylized Ultra headlamps and streamlined looks. The vehicle architecture ensures very low energy consumption and low TCO (total cost of operation) apart from being a Zero Emission environment-friendly bus.”

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  1. Amar kotiyane April 16, 2019 Subscriber

    It’s a proud moment for us Thank u tata…😁😁😃😎

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