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Because Indore…actually listens to your words

Situated in the heart of India….Indore has listened and adapted to what the world has said….Dil se. They said we needed better education…we listened and now are the only city in India to have IIT and IIM. And we are pretty proud of it. A lot of people complained that we were very dirty and paid little attention to hygiene…we listened and with hard efforts became the cleanest city of India. A few years back, your college days were incomplete without the long and torturous road journeys to Indore….we listened to that every joke and now have one of the most efficient road transport systems in India. And then we like to talk about it….and here is where we come into the picture. We understand the pulse of Indore, we know what the people of Indore like, think and react. We are pure Indori…..and take great pride in it. Indore Talk is not an idea rather a revolution, as for us the USP is the user interactivity. No longer would there be a one-directional marketing communication but a platform where the user can write and upload information as per their wish and choice. In the online world, a positive reputation can make all the difference. And in Indore, we speak with our heart out….which why a brand started out a burger joint in Gumti at 56 Dukan, is now a case study at the IIMs. Experience the true platform for electronic word of mouth publicity in the heart of India.